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XGAUGE is here!
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All Scangauge2's now being shipped are Xgauge ready!

The XGAUGE (or Extended Gauge)  feature allows you to extend the available gauges to include:
• Vehicle specific information
• Trip data as gauges
• Special function gauges
( including the long awaited Automatic Transmission Temperature gauge! )
Currently, only Ford, GM and Toyota Prius are supported.
( All vehicles will display the Horse Power gauge )
We are working hard to include other manufactures/models and will publish them as they are released.

 ( The codes you will need )

SG2 Manual v.5.0
 ( You need this manual to know how to input the codes )
See page 24 in the new Manual

Please note:
Not all gauges are supported by all cars. If you don't get a responce and you are sure you entered the data correctly, your vehicle may not provide that data.